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After 30 years of marriage, middle-aged couple Sandy (Sharon Cuneta) and Rob (Richard Gomez) have decided to announce their separation after Sandy’s parents’ 55th wedding anniversary. But things don’t go as planned when they learn that their two children, Anj and Sam (Kathryn Bernardo), and Sandy’s parents are going through marriage/relationship problems of their own and the only thing their family are looking to for support and inspiration are Sandy and Rob’s seemingly solid marriage. So now, Sandy and Rob decide to work together to help fix their family’s problems in order for them to go their separate ways with as minimal pain for their family as possible. So will Rob and Sandy be able to go through with the separation, and all their plans thereafter, or will they rediscover their love for each other?

Directed By

Cathy Garcia-Molina

Written By

Cathy Garcia-Molina


Sharon Cuneta, Richard Gomez, Kathryn Bernardo


Filipino with English subtitles

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