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R  |  1 hour 35 minutes • Archived

Consolidated Theatres Kahala Theatre


Eliza Hittman follows up her acclaimed debut IT FELT LIKE LOVE with this sensitive chronicle of sexual becoming. Frankie (Harris Dickinson), a bored teenager living in South Brooklyn, regularly haunts the Coney Island boardwalk with his boys—trying to score weed, flirting with girls, killing time. But he spends his late nights dipping his toes into the world of online cruising, connecting with older men and exploring the desires he harbors but doesn’t yet fully understand. Sundance Film Festival Directing Award winner BEACH RATS presents a colorful and textured world roiling with secret appetites and youthful self-discovery. 

Directed By

Eliza Hittman

Written By

Eliza Hittman


Harris Dickinson, Madeline Weinstein, Kate Hodge

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