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Hazel (Julia Barretto) is an actress experiencing troubles in her career and not having control of her life. Feeling lost and wanting to escape, she books a random flight and eventually ends up in the secluded prefecture of Saga, Japan. There she finds an unexpected confidante in Louie (Gerald Anderson), who isolated himself after experiencing heartbreak from his family. The two develop a functional relationship. Hazel asks Louie to check on her as she’s not used to being on her own. While Louie finds Hazel’s company and noise amusing, as it’s a break from his simple world lacking human connection. Amidst the silence and isolation, Hazel and Louie find comfort in each other as they both needed it at that certain point in their lives. But knowing how far apart their worlds are, they can only hold on to the belief that some encounters are special because of how fleeting they are.

Directed By

Jason Paul Laxamana

Written By

Jason Paul Laxamana


Gerald Anderson, Julia Barretto


Filipino with English subtitles

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