Consolidated Theatres is Hawaii's oldest and most well-known family of theatres. Entertaining audiences since 1917, Consolidated remains the island’s premiere place to bring your family, your friends, or yourself to see your favorite movie. Our audiences are loyal moviegoers, community-oriented, and know the value of great entertainment, making Consolidated Theatres one of the best places to advertise!

Consolidated invites you to be a part of our community. Whether you’re interested in promoting your local or national business, community project or upcoming event, Consolidated Theatres can help you get the word out.

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Through Screenvision, we offer an upscale digital preshow program which is a perfect option for local advertisers. The preshow combines slides, video ads, and unique entertainment content targeted to our sophisticated audience.

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Customizable website ads and sponsorships are available through and our other affiliated brand websites:,, and Advertising through our website and targeted, local e-mail newsletters is a great tool to increase your customer potential.

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Contact Screenvision and our in-house advertising team today to learn more about our advertising packages.

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