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115 min | NR
LOST IN THAILAND is an action–packed comedy about two Chinese colleagues racing to find their boss at a remote monastery in Thailand. The rival business managers battle bad traffic, gangsters, a snake, a kickboxer, and each other to win the rights to revolutionary new technology and control the future of their company. With riotous slapstick comedy and a realistic portrayal of ordinary men, LOST IN THAILAND has already broken box office records set by AVATAR and TRANSFORMERS in its native China to become the highest grossing Chinese film to date.

Directed By
Xu Zheng

Written By
Ding Ding, Shu Huan, Xu Zheng

Mandarin with English subtitles
Cast Includes
Xu Zheng, Tao Hong, Fan Bingbing

Kahala Theatre - LOST IN THAILAND - SpotlightAsia!
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